Our lab uses different methods to explore changes in the brain and how they impact cognitive and social abilities as we get older. 

Who we are

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At the GoldAge Lab we study associations between brain and behaviour across the lifespan. We are interested in the relationship between cognitive and social changes in typical ageing, age-related illnesses and developmental disorders. We use a range of techniques including neuroimaging and brain stimulation to examine how our brains change as we get older and what factors may increase risk of cognitive decline or developing late-life depression. The GoldAge Research Group forms part of the Psychology Department at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Sept 2019: Excited to announce publication of two very different papers by two excellent young researchers.

Owen Williams' paper predicting cognitive decline & dementia in small vessel disease

Gavin Stewart's paper on social cognition in younger and older adults with autism traits.

Take part! We are always looking for volunteers of all ages. If you are interested, let us know.