The effect of participatory art groups on quality of life

Is there something special about being involved in art?

We are working with the participatory art group Meet Me at the Albany to explore whether being involved in art can have a benefical effect on well-being.

Kine Ervik, Charlotte Gove and Elena Mariezcurrena have contributed to this work.

Mood across the Lifespan

Improving mood with brain stimulation

Funded by the Dunhill Medical Trust

It may be possible to improve mood by stimulating the brain with a very small electric current. This has been shown to be effective in younger adults but not yet performed with older adults.

Carys Evans is the Research Assistant on this project.

This study has been completed.You can find the results in the following paper: "The efficacy of transcranial random noise stimulation (tRNS) on mood may depend on individual differences including age and trait mood"

Maintaining positive mood and the role of lifestyle activities

To what extent do lifestyle activities influence our mood? Can involvement with hobbies and cultural activities help to reduce depression?

We examine how lifestyle factors including living situation, health, social support, and involvement in cultural activities affect mood among older adults.

This work has been conducted by Eve Tomlinson and Naina Thaker.