Our Research

At the GoldAge Lab we are interested in all aspects of ageing. Our research includes studies of cognitive and social abilities in typical and atypical ageing; how the brain changes as we age; and what factors influence mood and well-being in ageing.

Our research falls into three broad categories: 1) Mood across the lifespan; 2) Cognition and social cognition in ageing; and 3) Brain changes in ageing. For more information on individual research studies, follow the links below.

Mood across the lifespan

This research investigates the factors that can help to maintain or improve mood in ageing. We are currently investigating whether stimulating the brain can improve mood among older adults, but other studies have examined the impact of health, activities and lifestyle factors.

Cognition and social cognition in ageing

We are interested in how different cognitive and social cognition factors influence each other in ageing. We are exploring whether there are age-related changes in the way we understand other people and how this interacts with understanding emotion. We are also interested in the ageing processes in individuals with autism spectrum disorders, as very little is known about late-life in those with developmental disorders.

Brain changes in ageing

We investigate the changes to brain structure and function in typical ageing, stroke, and late-life depression. We are especially interested in the relationship between changes in brain, cognition and health factors that can be changed.

If you are interested in finding out more about our research or in taking part in a study, then please get in touch using the button below, or email us at goldage@gold.ac.uk