Conference Presentations

The International Society for Autism Research Annual Meeting, May 2019
Thursday 2nd May. Stewart, Wallace & Charlton, Aging with Elevated Autistic Traits: Theory of Mind Performance in Younger and Older Adults (108.014). 

5th International Ageing and Cognition Conference, Zurich, April 2019
Wednesday 24th April. Charlton, Gozum & Izzard, The effect of individual differences on the positivity effect across the lifespan.

Social Communication Across the Lifespan Meeting, University of Kent, June 2018
Wednesday 27th June
. Stewart, Cottam & Charlton, The effect of age and autism traits on Theory of Mind performance across the adult lifespan.

The International Society for Autism Research Annual Meeting, May 2018
Saturday, 12th May. Charlton, Happe & Abbott, Examining the experience of adults receiving an Autism Spectrum Diagnosis and their later well-being.

Experimental Psychology Society, London Meeting January 2017

Wednesday 4th January. Gove, Mansour & Charlton, Autism traits and well-being in adults receiving a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Wednesday 4th January. Luxon, Gove, Mansour Charlton, Well-being and sleep in Autism Spectrum Disorders across the lifespan

Wednesday 4th January.Stewart & Charlton Ageing with Autism Traits: Examining Ageing in the Broad Autism Phenotype

Cognitive Aging Conference, Atlanta. April 2016

Session 2 (Friday, 4-6pm) Poster 6. Evans, Banissy & Charlton, Exploring the efficacy of non-invasive brain stimulation in elevating mood in older adults: the role of cardiovascular risk factors and baseline depression scores. 

Session 2 (Friday, 4-6pm) Poster 29. Charlton, Budgett & Wallace, Presence of autistic traits affects executive function and mood in a sample of older adults. 

Session 3 (Saturday, 11-12.30) Poster 11. Williams, Zeestraten, Lawrence, Benjamin, Lambert, Morris, Charlton, Markus & Barrick, Diffusion Segmentation (DSEG) Provides a Whole-Brain Metric of Structural Decline in Cerebral Small Vessel Disease related to Change in Cognition over Three-Years.

Session 4 (Saturday, 4-6pm) Poster 46.  Charlton, Lamar, Zhang, Ren, Ajilore, Pandey & Kumar, The impact of pro-inflammatory cytokines on learning and memory in late-life depression and healthy older adults.

VasCog Conference, Tokyo. September 2015.

P10-5. Charlton et al., Associations between pro-inflammatory cytokines, learning and memory in late-life depression and healthy aging